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And Yet, Another Floral Romper

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This weekend was so hot! It gets really humid in the midwest during summertime…you will literally be outside for two minutes and start sweating. There is nothing I love more than something easy, and breezy to wear in the summertime. Although this romper is a tad short, I went up a size and it felt much better. This is something I would wear on a date night!

I went home again this past weekend, and let me tell you, I am so tired of driving. I want to get a go pro and set it up in the car and film myself so you guys can see all the ridiculous things I do to keep myself entertained during the rides! I play this game where I scan all the radio channels to see how many songs I know, and if I don't know one I have to start from the beginning. That and my "stuck in traffic" snapchats will keep you entertained for days (taysuehoffman). Is there anything you guys do to keep busy in the car? I remember when I was little and we would go on vacations, my mom would put together fun boxes of coloring books, toys, movies, etc. to keep us busy. Those were the days.

Have a good week!

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  1. Damn you look so bloody good the outfit looks really good on you