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You know how video bloggers (vloggers) have those videos where they talk about all kinds of stuff from relationships, school, living situation, growing up, etc.? They generally call those videos "pillow talk" and they sit on their bed and start chatting with you. Well, the other day I had this idea about doing a post called "coffee talk." I take coffee breaks way more than I am ever in bed and I thought it would be fun to write down everything I am thinking or going through and if you guys want to really participate you can comment about things and we can have conversations! So, with that said, I am introducing, coffee talk:

1// On Finding A Job. Most of you know that we have just moved. Well, when someone moves they generally have a job. I didn't have one lined up but I had a few applications out there…now I have about 10 applications out and the waiting is horrible. I would love to work somewhere that falls in line with what I love to do, but it seems the only thing I am qualified for is…Chemistry. I have been trying to write the best cover letters and resume out there, to try and stand out amongst hundreds of applicants, do you have any advice as to how to get through this? I am exhausted!

2// On Getting A Puppy. Here's what, I have wanted a puppy for a good year now and we think we finally found the puppy we are going to bring home. However, I am slightly nervous. All you puppy parents out there, how often do you take your pup to the vet, what kind of food do you buy, how do you make sure you are training your pup to be respectful and obey the rules? I have done tons of research and have learned a lot, but advice from people rather than the internet is useful. We have always had dogs growing up but I have never had one that is actually mine. I am so excited to bring home a little pup soon!!

3// City-Life. My old apartment was next to a cornfield, in a very, very small town about 10 minutes from Sioux Falls. Now, I live six floors above all of this crazy noise…the downtown lights light up our place, and there are a lot of people walking around all the time. It's pretty awesome, and so different. The noises, I have to get used to (remember I lived next to a cornfield) but otherwise it is such a cool experience living in a larger city. Do you live in city? How do you adjust?

4// 4th of July. Eek! I love this holiday, I generally love all holidays but this one is so much fun. I am all for playing yard games, being with family, eating good food, and watching fireworks at the end of the night. What do you have planned?

5// Are you still reading? Many of you probably know that I can see the number of pageviews this blog gets. I track the numbers to make sure things are consistent, and if they are not I contribute that to be a bad week or bad blogging on my part. What do you like to see on this blog? What do you hate? Sure it's a blog where I post things I do…and that's pretty selfish but I really love blogging because of all the new people I meet and all the friendships I make over the internet. I want this to be a fun space for all you to come and get some inspiration or a little pick me up during your coffee break. Let me know if you want to see major changes, love things the way they are, or want me to mix it up a bit!

Okay, so now that I spilled what I am thinking on my morning coffee break, it's your turn! 

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  1. Moving can be so fun, but yes...the job search can be daunting. I am sure you will find someting just right for you! Enjoy every little step!

  2. With puppy food I found it best to buy small tins and packets of different food to see what my dogs preferred there was some brands they would not eat. I remember when we moved to a fat over shops on a main highway it was different and louder but it didn't take long to adjust and by the time we moved here it felt oddly quiet being here with not highway noise.