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The Galant Desk

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I have been wanting a big, white desk for a few years now. When we made our trip to Minneapolis a couple months ago, I pulled the trigger and came home with the Galant Desk. You may recall a post about my favorite Ikea buys and I even found the prettiest shelves at Ikea and decorated them to perfection. Well, this desk is no different. My side of the office is still a work in progress, I want new pillows, desk accessories, more fun pens, a gallery wall, etc. For now though, the desk scenes will suffice.

Oh, and I need your opinion…should I spray paint the legs gold? You all know gold is my thing…let me know what you think!

I am loving how big this desk is! I can literally sprawl everything out and still have room. For some, it might be too big but I decided I would rather have too much space then too little (especially since my last desk was baby size). I am definitely thinking I need to switch out pillows for ones that are more updated. Also, add some more fun desk accessories. I really like Poppin for all your basic desk needs, do you have any favorites worth checking out? 

Also, don't forget to comment on whether or not the legs should be gold! And if you have any decor ideas I am all ears. I am going for a fun and chic feel. Something more sophisticated!!

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  1. Love how fresh the space is! Especially the coloured pillows!
    xx Gabriella

  2. Definitely paint the legs gold! I think it would look great, especially with all the other gold touches in the room.