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Throw Back Friday

9:16:00 AM

I love the 4th of July. It was always my dad's favorite holiday so we would buy a ton of fireworks and have a big BBQ with friends and family. When we got older we started going to the lake over the fourth of July weekend (which I'm sure most of you do).

As you can see from the photo above, my mother always had me decked out and festive at a young age. That obviously transpired into my later years because there is nothing I love more than being dressed up or down for holidays.

It's funny because as I was looking for photos from previous 4th of Julys, this was the only one I could find. My mom and I were bummed to realize that we stopped taking photos on this holiday a long time ago.

With that said, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Oh, and take lots of photos!!

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