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A Day In The Life With My Siberian Husky

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Summit is 10 weeks now. He is growing like a weed and chewing like a cow. He is a little love bug that loves to cuddle, lick your toes, and bite your hair. I am not going to say this has been an easy adjustment…it has not. However, I wouldn't change a thing about this darling pup. He is so sweet, lovable, and hilarious.  The only thing I can do now is stay consistent with training and pray to God he doesn't poop on the rug and chew my shoes. #nopromises

2:00 am: We are on a rotating schedule. It's my night to take Summit out. My alarm goes off and I sleepily get out of bed and take Summit out of his crate. I carry him to the door and put his collar and leash on.

2:04 am: Summit and I are waiting at the elevator. He is resting his head on my shoulder, and biting my hair, but I am too tired to care. (In the morning, I am sure I will find some of my ends chewed.)

2:08 am: We are outside, Summit pees, sometimes poops. I scoop him back up and we go back upstairs.

2:10 am: Once inside, Summit thinks it's time to play. He pounces on the nearest toy he sees, it's most likely his moose. At 2 in the morning, it is obviously not time to play so I put him back in his crate and get back into bed. He whines, sometimes barks, he obviously thinks it's time to play.

3:25 am: I wake up because I hear Summit move. He is sleeping on his back with all fours in the air, can that be comfortable?

6:00 am: Summit is up, we are not. He wrestles around in his crate, I try to ignore it and soak up 20 more minutes.

6:20 am: Time to get up. Summit is taken outside to go pee and go for a walk.

6:45 am: Summit races through door, grabs his tennis ball and we play an early game of "pounce."

7:00 am: Breakfast. This dog knows how to open doors now. When the door goes open he tries to break into the food container, I guess it's time for food.

7:15 am: Summit poops on the rug. The dang rug. I add it to the growing pile of rugs that need to be washed. Thankfully we got the 50 pack of paper towels at Costco. I clean up the poop, Summit chases the tennis ball.

7:30 am: We take Summit out to use the bathroom again. He goes, I breathe a sigh of relief.

7:34 am: Summit sits in front of the cupboard and waves his paw in the air (he is air shaking). We obviously give him a treat because how cute is that?

7:50 am: Summit goes into his a crate for a 2-3 hour nap.
Lunch: I come home first. I grab the nearest towel, Summit generally has to pee and he undoubtedly will trickle on my blouse. I take him out of crate, and we crash to the ground. He is wiggling, twirling, licking, biting, and peeing. It's a mad dash to get his collar on and get him outside. #savethecarpet

11:15 am: Once back inside, Summit races circles around the island. He goes to get a drink, steps in his water bowl and "digs" all the water out. I put down my fork and grab the paper towels.

11:16 am: The paper towels are fun to play with, in Summit's mind. I attempt to clean up the water, Summit runs off with the paper towels.

12-5 pm: This is unknown to me. The boys are home, most likely napping and up to no good.

5:15 pm: I get home from work. Summit races to the door. I'm greeted with licks, bites, scratches, and a wagging tail.

5:25 pm: I take Summit outside to go to the bathroom. He sees a leaf. I am pulled in the other direction in attempts to get the leaf.

5:27 pm: Summit got the leaf. I pulled it out of his mouth…you never know what's on leaves these days.

5:35 pm: Summit poops. Thankfully I have a green baggie with me. I scoop up the poop only to feel something warm on my finger. The bag is ripped. I have poop on my hand. These bags are horrible.

5:40 pm: We make our way into the elevator only to be greeted by Gus, the English Mastif. Summit is scared of Gus, he sits behind me.

6:00 pm: Dinner is served. More water is given and Summit decides it is round 2 of how much water he can get on the floor from his water bottle. Another game of chase the paper towels starts.

6:45 pm: Summit is chewing the carpet. He gets in trouble and races under the bed to play a game of "catch me if you can."

7:00 pm: We go outside for a walk. It doesn't take long before leaves, sticks, poop, and bugs are pulled from his mouth.

7:10 pm: After two blocks, Summit is tired. He lays down in the grass. I guess we are taking a break.

7:15 pm: Summit sees people…he sprints towards them and they naturally pet him and gush over his cuteness. Summit is satisfied so we move on.

7:30 pm: We make our way back to the apartment. I do general housekeeping things, Summit is up to no good.

7:56 pm: Summit was brushed, fed, watered, and played with. He chews on the carpet, attempts to jump on the couch, and goes to lay in his crate.

8:03 pm: Bedtime. Summit is sleeping on his back with his paws in the air. Life is good.
And then it all starts over again….

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