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Meet Summit

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Meet Summit (Summey)! He is the newest addition to our clan! It has been a whirlwind of a few days, from trying to start potty training to crate training, we are all exhausted! He is such a sweet boy, he sleeps through the night with no problem and he loves to play! Oh, he also is a cuddle bug…we fight over who gets to cuddle him next:). He's not spoiled…not at all.

// His toy moose.
// Walks.
// Car rides…he falls right asleep.
// Loves to play and jump around.
// To bite my hair.
// To chew on EVERYTHING.
// Loves feet; he chomps on A's socks all the time.
// Sleeping.
// He loves shoes.
// Plays army crawl under the bed.
// His blue blankie.
// He loves leaves…he has to pick them up. Fall should be interesting.

// Treats! (We haven't given him many treats at all but the ones we have given him, he doesn't like!)
// Crate training. #help
// His collar (I'm sure he will get used to this with time.)

He is literally the sweetest pup I have ever met (I may or may not be biased). Let's hope training starts to take off and he doesn't totally hate his crate. As always, opinions, tips and tricks are welcome!

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