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Planning A Staycation

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful ladies for a blogger brunch at Des Moines' new, boutique hotel, Hotel Renovo. I have stayed at some pretty nice hotels throughout my lifetime, but nothing was as nice as this hotel. Its urban farm inspired design makes for a relaxing, yet cozy atmosphere. I was pretty amazed by the hand picked furniture and the beautiful marble floors in each room. I am thinking a staycation is necessary in the upcoming months.

Have any of you ever planned a staycation: a vacation where you stay in your home or in a hotel in your city? I have rounded up some tips that I think are key to having a successful and relaxing staycation. First things first, you must do your research. Find a hotel that offers a lot of amenities, is relaxing, and has character, like the Hotel Renovo for example.
1 // The rooms must be inviting and comfortable. Nothing is worse than staying in a hotel that has crappy furniture and a terrible mattress. Make sure to look at the ratings and reviews of the hotel…these are always a good indicator as to how your stay will be!
2 // The bathrooms should not only be luxurious, but clean! Staycations are meant for pampering and relaxation so treat yourself!
3 // Good food and a bar are essential! If you are planning a stay in town, you don't want to be running around like you normally do. Find a hotel that offers breakfast and dinner and research the chef to see the ratings.
4 // Last but not least, choose something that is different. Find a hotel that is something you would normally not stay in, go out of your comfort zone, and have fun! Hotels are meant to be comfortable so why not try something eccentric and unique? Getting a new experience might just be the staycation that you need. 

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