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The Everything But Pink Lips

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It is no secret that I gravitate towards pink lip color…all the time. I feel as though pink is what compliments my skin tone best. The other day I was browsing through T.J Maxx and I came across this Ellen Tracy lip set that I had to try. I loved all the colors (there are a couple of pinks) but I especially loved the colors that weren't pink. I don't have too many lipgloss colors, but I figured these were three good basic colors to start.

The first is a nude lip. It's simple and although I was worried it would wash me out I think it does a nice job at complimenting my skin tone.

The second is a peach (orangish) color. I have very little in my closet that works with peach, so keeping  my outfit in the neutral zone helped me play up my lips a bit. Since my lips have a natural pink tone, the peach looks more pink on my lips but in all actuality it is very orange!

The last color is red. Red is a very bold lip that I rarely pull off but I love my look when I do. This red is more subtle than a lipstick that I have been using previously. It is subtle enough not to overwhelm the natural look I was going for.

What kind of lip color is your favorite…that's not pink?!

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