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Cold Weather Essentials: Save or Splurge?

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It's getting colder here in Iowa and I went and pulled out my cold weather gear and I realized, I don't have much to work with! I desperately needed snow boots (for taking the dog out), a beanie (don't have one), and other clothes to keep me warm. Winter clothes can be so expensive! I have definitely made it my goal to find good quality clothes at great prices. The snow boots ($39.99) were 40% off with Target's Cartwheel yesterday and the H&M purple sweater was 15% off the other day! Some pieces, such as a nice coat that you can wear for years, are great to splurge on. It's picking and choosing the right pieces and the ones that will get the most use when deciding whether or not to splurge. Below I have rounded up some pieces that you can either splurge on or save! Which would you choose?

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