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Wednesday's Nail Day: DIY Confetti Tip Nails

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am going pink! One of my favorite nail colors is "Fiji," it goes on so smooth and its the perfect shade of subtle pink. I wanted to add a little sparkle (duh!) to my nails rather than keep them pink…ergo, confetti tip nails!

These are actually a lot easier than it might seem, the key is being patient and letting them dry during the steps!

1 // Pick your base coat! This can be any color; bold, nude, or subtle, just pick a good one! I chose "Fiji," the perfect shade of soft pink.
2 // Next, take your shade of glitter and place it only at the tip of your nail. Let it dry there for a few seconds. I used Essie's "Jazzy Jubilant."
3 // Then, take your polish brush and sweep your glitter polish downward using small strokes. The goal is to have more glitter at the top and have it gradually dissipate.
4 // You will notice there are uneven layers on your nail now. Wait until the glitter is completely dry, then add a coat of gel setter to set the polish and wah-lah!

Have you ever tried the glitter/confetti tip nail? What do you think?

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