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Wednesday's Nail Day: Gold Sparkle Pinstripe

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I have always been a fan of stripes. It's such a classic pattern and can be easily paired with multiple items in your wardrobe. From tees to scarves and pants, stripes are just about everywhere…but how about our nails? I don't think I'm talented enough to create stripes on my nails just by free hand, however, one simple pin stripe is very easy. See how below:

1 // Choose your colors. I chose Essie's "Mind Your Mittens" and "Summit of Style." 
2 // Apply two coats of your chosen base coat. I love this 'black, diamond teal' for fall. I rarely wear this color because it's pretty dark for me but I'm feeling #bold. Let dry.
3 // Next, take your gold sparkle polish and either brush a small stroke on the outside of your nail or take the whole nail polish brush and lay it flat on your nail and lift up. It will leave a trace of gold sparkles.
4 // Repeat until the gold stripe is completely filled in or filled in to your liking.
5 // Let your nails dry, then apply a generous coat of Gel Setter to set your stripe!
And that's it! What do you think? I have never tried this look but I must say my nails feel pretty chic. Is that even a thing? Either way, it feels like I have a professional manicure…score!

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