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Wednesday's Nail Day: Halloween Nail Tutorial

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I was feeling festive with my nails this week and came up with a very simple Halloween nail tutorial! Last week, I bought Essie's new Winter 2015 collection and there was the color "Haute Tub" (shown below) that I thought was perfect for Halloween. It's very dark but has tints of purple and red glitter…so festive!

 1 //You will need a darker color and white (I used Essie's 'Blanc') as well as a q-tip. 
 2 // Paint your ring finger or pointer finger white, and the rest with a darker polish. Let dry. 
3 // Next, using your q-tip, dab a small amount of polish on the q-tip and carefully dot eyes and an elongated mouth on your white nail (this is the ghost)!
4 // Repeat for other hand and make sure to follow up with gel setter. That's it! Super easy but also fun and festive for the holiday! 

Any fun nail tutorials you have for Halloween?

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