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Blooper Reel

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An instagrammer recently gave up social media stating that everything she did was a lie. She took hundreds of staged photos to get the perfect shot, and even when the shot was taken, she edited them to give the illusion of perfection. Well, there is no doubt that a lot of what is plastered on social media is staged, edited, and fake but when did we get to a point where all of it has to be that way? I myself have a hard time moving past perfection. Day after day I read blogs, look at magazines, see billboards, and watch movies with beautiful re-touched/staged/edited people and I can't help but wish my blog, photos and self looked the same. What I was striving for, and what a lot of us strive for is not healthy. The immense pressure we feel to be smarter, faster, stronger, prettier, and skinnier is damaging. Not just to us but those around us. It's taken me awhile, and although I still have moments of wishful thinking, I have learned to love the person I am and accept my flaws. You can try and cover them, retouch them, or add a filter…but the truth will always prevail.

It's the photos below, that help remind me it's okay to not be perfect. The Instagrammer that quit social media never showed any candid or blooper photos…and most of us don't. Most of us are afraid of the backlash or comments that others will make. I know in some of these photos I look ridiculous, but that's the point! The point is…it's important to laugh at yourself, not take yourself to seriously, to remind the world that perfection is not real, and to take your mistakes and bloopers and use those to make you a better person. To grow and succeed in a world of imperfect people.

No one gets where they are by being perfect. You will however, get to where you want to go by simply being yourself…and that's what I plan to do. 
He's not heavy at all. And all he wanted to do was eat grass.
Candid moments should be captured in a window.
A creepy husky smile. 
This is my model face.
Another model face…#howcute
The bend…I'm still working on the snap. #thebendandsnapworkseverytime

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