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Holiday Gift Guide: Office Lover

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It's that time of the year again when I obsessive over cookie baking, holiday decorating, snow falling, carol singing, and gift giving. One thing I have always try to do is stick to a budget over the holidays (although that can be difficult to do). I set a limit on how much I am allotted to spend and I stick to it. The budget is only half the part, the actual gift is even more important! Over the course of the weeks leading up to Christmas, I will be sharing gift guides, holiday outfit posts, recipes, fun wrapping tutorials, holiday beauty tips, and more! 

This is my absolute favorite time of the year and my goal for every reader is when they finish reading my post they are just as excited for the holidays…no matter what you celebrate! I hope you enjoy this series…I will be posting more than 5 days a week so I hope you come back and share your holiday traditions, ideas, and your own tips and tricks!
I have already done another gift guide, geared towards stocking stuffers, but this gift guide should hopefully give you some inspiration for all the office supply lovers out there…coworkers, classmates, and teachers will love these gifts too. Let me know what you think!
Marble Binder // Pink Pens, 12 for $12 // Coffee Mug $20! // File Folders

Gift Tip: Use nesting boxes as the boxes to wrap gifts! You can put smaller items (like desk items) in the smallest box, some larger desk organization in the medium box, and a sweater and scarf in the largest box. Wrap them with wrapping paper or tie a ribbon on each. It makes for a great gift but also practical because the boxes will be used:)!

Any desk items you can't live without that would make for great gifts?

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