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Botanical Garden Getaway

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This weekend was frigid. If you don't live in the midwest then you fortunately missed out on the -40 below windchills. Adam and I decided to escape on Sunday and head to the botanical gardens in Des Moines. Places such as these make me want to pack my bags and hop on the next flight to somewhere  tropical. The beautiful plants, exotic flowers, and humid weather has me itching to add more exotic places onto my bucket list. We had a great time wandering around enjoying the 80 degree temperature admiring all the tropical plants, it was the perfect local getaway.

With the chilly winter weather, I rarely wear anything but a sweater. Since it was significantly warmer in the gardens, I threw on this floral blouse before we left, it paired perfectly with the surroundings. 
How amazing are these papayas? I am dying to book a one way ticket to Maui...the rainforest...frankly anywhere that is above 30 degree weather!
Floral Top // Flare Denim // Booties (similar)

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