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Desk Scenes

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Ever since the move, I have been trying to recreate my beloved office. In the new place, the room is laid out differently, the lighting is different, and is no doubt much cozier. I used just about everything from my old office but some things (such as my lamp and gallery wall) landed elsewhere in the house. This is still a work in progress but I am loving my desk set-up. It is very simple and clean with hints of gold and color.

I tend to be very picky with planners and stationary items. One of my favorite things (that is just about gone) is my Emily Ley to-do list! I'm the master with lists and I don't feel accomplished until everything is crossed off. I generally make a list of things to do or get done over the weekend to help prepare for the week ahead. 
Another beloved item of mine is my blog planner. I don't need anything fancy, just with large margins so I can take down notes, write down reminders, and set due dates. This Sugar Paper LA planner from Target is my favorite and I love the pale rose color!
I recently picked up this tray from Target (it was on sale), and while I contemplated where to place it I thought it would look great on my desk. I use notepads and pens all the time so they needed a home. Also, I recently (it was about time) purchased an external hard drive...that sits comfortably in the tray to use at any time. 

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