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DIY Wedding Planner Part One

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Since the engagement (and let's be honest, even before that) I have been searching for the perfect wedding planner…you know, the kind you can write in. I have run into dead ends for a few weeks now, the ones I love are sold out, and the ones I don't love are just not me. Some people might think this is not a big deal. However, when you are a planner lover and stationary hoarder like myself, it matters.

I decided that I didn't need to find one…I would make one. I had already found amazing checklists, templates, and ideas on the internet so I thought I would see what I could come up with. My major inspiration was the Russell and Hazel wedding organizer that I unfortunately couldn't get my hands on. The funny part is, I almost bought this months…even years ago because I knew I wanted it!

Let's start with the basics. I got to thinking of what every good planner has, and what I knew needed to be in my wedding planner.
1 // Hardcover. This planner will be put to a lot of use. I didn't want tears, rips, or dents. It needs to be sturdy.

2 // Sections.There are multiple aspects to a wedding; budget, reception, ceremony, etc., this planner needs dividers or sections to keep everything organized.

3 // Pockets. I am the queen of samples, I call it my inspiration. From paint colors, fabrics, sample invitations, etc, it needs pockets to hold everything (in an organized manner of course).

4 // Somewhere to write! Most of the planners I have looked at, only have a notes section in the back to jot things down. Ummmmm no! I write everything down…and then I write it down again. I wanted a lot of space to write notes, doodle inspirations, and plan accordingly.

5 // Template that keeps it all organized. Every wedding planner comes with specified sections dealing with a different part of the wedding. I knew I wouldn't think of everything that a wedding embodies so I needed to find a template that listed these things out. I found this Russell and Hazel one…and it's perfect! Very detailed and extensive. I got rid of some of the template, organized differently, and added more.

// Binder (These are my absolute favorite)
// Blank Paper
// Pocket Dividers
// Dividers…that coordinate with the pockets!
// To-Do lists / Sticky Notes
// Monthly Calendar (for appointment reminders, payment dates, timeline)
// Checklist (here, here, or here)
// *Pretty Things
// Optional: Template, Template
// Optional: Zip Pouch

*The whole point of me putting together my own planner is to make it my own, inspired what I want our wedding to look like. Find pretty paper clips, stickers, pressed flowers, magazine cutouts, etc. anything that will inspire you every time you open up the binder.

Next I needed to separate my binder into sections. After a lot of organizing and writing down thoughts of everything I would need to plan for the wedding, these are the sections I came up with…in this order:
2 // INVITES (includes guest tracker, save the dates, thank you's, and place cards)
3 // ATTIRE & BEAUTY (bride, groom, bridal party, makeup, hair, etc.)
4 // CEREMONY (venue, processional order, officiant, marriage license)
5 // RECEPTION (transportation, venue, floor plan, caterer/menu, wedding cake, DJ/music, rentals)
8 // REGISTRY (gift log)

Some of these sections may be larger than others (such as the reception), but I wanted everything in one place so I could easily flip a page and move on to the next task. I could have also added another section, specifically for rentals but we will see how it works out.

In the next couple of days I will unveil my complete planner, but this is a good start, and if you have any recommendations please share below!!

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