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Drapey Pant Two Ways, Part 1: Masculine

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I have never been so proud of this outfit. Why, you ask? I bought the drapey pants and sweater for $10 each…both priced around $80-90 originally. It has always fascinated how right away in January, stores and brands start to bring out spring wear. While this is nice to get a head start or if you live in an area that is warm…but in the midwest, it just isn't practical. Hence, why I love this time of year for shopping. Everything is price reduced to at least 70% off the original ticket price. #winning
I have wanted a coat from J.Crew for awhile and my sweet mother gifted me one for Christmas! I love this parka…it's sleek, warm, and pairs well with casual and evening wear. If you search their coat selections right now, they have adorable styles…on sale of course!
While my style is very feminine, I mentioned in this post that 80% of the time I'm not at work, I am either in pajamas or comfy clothes. This outfit is no exception. I love the masculine feel; I wore these pants a few days later while out to dinner and dressed them up with heels instead, and instantly they were transformed into a more feminine look. I think it's great for women to embrace a more structured and relaxed side in their style. We look just as chic in a structured back coat and drapey pant as we do in a sleek dress. 
J. Crew Factory Coat // Drapey Pants // Turtleneck Sweater // Striped Tee, just bought this that I love! // Sneakers, old (similar

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