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On The Weekends We Shop: Budget Buys

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I'm just going to throw this out there…I am on a budget, a strict budget. I don't have a lot left over each month after bills to buy new clothes so what I do is look for the best deals and I watch them until they go on an even better deal. Also, I buy pieces that can be worn each season and that aren't necessarily "trend" pieces. I will purchase a couple of trend pieces throughout the season but otherwise, I stick with the basics.

Another habit I have gotten into is that I never pay full price for something. Think about how often stores have sales of 30-40% off. It's a lot! I will wait until a item goes on sale that I want and I will even try to use a coupon. Call me a crazy coupon lady, but when you are a budget…it saves you!

There are some major after-Christmas sales going on, I scored this amazing wool jacket for $70…originally $328! Now is a good time to spend on winter gear, jeans, and shoes. Oh, and if you are planning a tropical vacation some stores have summer pieces as well. The Lilly Pulitzer sale is tomorrow (read this post for tips) and J.Crew Factory always has shorts and tank tops!

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