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On The Weekends, We Shop: Valentines Day!

11:12:00 AM

I haven't always been a fan of Valentines Day, however it is a fun excuse to get dressed up in hearts and pink and reds. Adam and I never were really together during Valentines Day because we were long distance, therefore, I always celebrated with chick-flicks, chocolate, and candy hearts. I was browsing the internet (nothing new there) when I started coming across all hearts! ILY couture has the cutest sweatshirts right now, and how festive is this phone case? You don't have to have a lover to celebrate Valentines Day. I think the day is a good reminder to celebrate everyone in your life that you love. My mom always gave my siblings and I Valentines Day gifts and cards throughout the day to remind us that we are loved...not that you need gifts, but you get the point!

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