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Snow Day

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I genuinely cherish the weekends. I love spending time with family and enjoying our time off. Although Adam and I are constantly on the go, we always find time to unwind and take a break and get outside. I love this wool parka. Not only is it warm, but the heather grey pairs well with almost all of my outfits. I have never had a "good quality" parka...and I will never go back! There is something to be said about a durable coat that holds well. I have always told myself I will splurge on good quality the long run it saves money!

This sweater is by far one of my favorites to wear. I throw it on just about every weekend. I love wearing items that don't take much thought and a baggy, turtleneck is just that. Plus, it comes in many colors...I think I need to get this pale pink, it would look so cute under my parka!
When we got Summit and realized just how often we were going to be outside, Adam and I decided that we both needed a good pair of boots to wear in the snow/when it's cold out. I have always worn UGG boots but I realized I needed something more durable and warmer. Sorel boots have been a long time favorite of mine and when I saw this pair with the bright pink laces I was sold. They are by far the warmest boots I have ever worn (sometimes I don't wear socks...I know, gross) and completely waterproof. If you are in need of good winter boots, make the investment! It will be well worth it. 

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