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5 Must-Have Travel Essentials For A Business Trip (+ More)

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Last week I was on a business trip; I have never been so under-prepared in my life. The worst part? I didn't have a vehicle to take to go get things that I needed. I coasted through the week taking the shuttle to the nearest Walgreens and stocking up on necessities at the gift shop. I am usually a very prepared and organized person but I felt so out of my element, and out of control! By the end of the week there was a small list of items I put together that I promised myself never to go on a trip without....ever.

Besides being totally under-prepared, all of my flights were delayed, cancelled, or re-organized and I came down the croup virus. I kept thinking to myself if I was only better prepared I could have spared myself hours of agony. I am making this trip seem a lot worse than it actually was (it was a great learning experience), but when you don't have certain things to help get you through the week, it makes life very difficult.
1// Clarisonic: I never travel without this. It is the perfect boost my face needs when I step off of a plane and after a long day. I can tend to look really tired and haagard so my Clarisonic works great to brighten/lighten/and tighten

2 // Lint Roller: This is self explanatory but so worth it. I brought my J.Crew wool parka with me on this trip and that sucker traps and tracks every piece of fuzz and dog-hair imaginable. I was so embarrassed to wear it to class and presentations each day. I of course, forgot to pack one so I was picking stuff off my coat all week. #notfun

3 // Tide To-Go Stick: I needed this stick the very first day. I repeat, the very.first.day! Sure enough, I was wearing an ivory blouse and there was color everywhere. I ended up with a big red stain on my blouse and nothing to get rid of it. :(

4 // Ibuprofen: Day two is when I started getting headaches, but of course, I forgot to pack tylenol or ibuprofen. #bigmistake I was stocking up with whatever the gift shop had and it was $2 for a packet of pills. Next time I'm skipping the packets and bringing my own bottle.

5 // Facial Spray: I like to think of this Mario Badescu spray as an instant pick me up and booster. As I mentioned above, the wear and tear during the day shows on my face (and even more when I am sick), this facial spray works lovely and smells even better. It helps to brighten my skin tone, helping me look more awake and focused.
Other Must-Haves:
// Travel Steamer
// Small Emergency kit with medicine for a cold,virus, etc.
// Feminine Products...you just never know when something could go array. 
// Easy-to-carry bag where you can sure laptops, padfolios, and chargers (I ams till searching for this)
// Hairspray! 
// Travel size Febreeze; for spraying around your room and your suitcase, an instant "refresher."
// Extra socks, undergarments, and top (spills do happen people)
// One pair of comfy shoes for the airport and at night 
// Fingernail clippers (oh, and make sure you if you paint your nails, they are painted nicely and bring the bottle with you so you can fill in chips as the days go on!)

Okay, that's all the tips and tricks I have for now. What do you have to add to this list? Share below!

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