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ASOS Bridal

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The other day I was scrolling through this blog when I saw the most adorable dress. The blogger mentioned how it would be the perfect dress for an dressy occasion but my thoughts immediately went to my wedding! I was totally taken back when I clicked on the link and it took me to ASOS. They have a whole bridal section filled with pastel and sequin goodness. I was so surprised how beautiful some of the dresses were...and how reasonably priced they were (in wedding terms of course). I know that I want all of my bridesmaids to wear a different gown. Each should have a style of dress that fits there body and should be a color that works beautifully with their skin tone. I am gravitating towards neutrals and soft colors for the wedding, and these dresses are perfect!

I put together more bridal inspiration. My 'best work' comes when I am extremely inspired. I have flipped through many magazines, scrolled through internet sites, and watched multiple wedding movies. I haven't found the inspiration to lock down anything just yet...all of the ideas are still floating around in my brain:). 

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