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My 3 Must-Have Eyebrow Products

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Most of my life has been a battle of the brows. They were over-tweezed, over-waxed, and looked like tiny little caterpillars starting way to far apart. It is amazing how much of a difference a full brow looks than brows that are scarce. On the weekends, my go-to look is full brows, a swipe of powder foundation, and chapstick. Filling in and shaping my brows has become a very quick task and they look much nicer with my wide face shape.  
**Note: I also have a scar through one of my eyebrows that has been an issue filling in, but the products below work really well!
**Brow Tip: If you don't fill your brows in or don't know how, go have a professional show you! It is the best way to learn, that way you can mimic the side that they did. Oh, and it takes a lot of practice

1 // Anastasia Brow Brush: I use the bristle end to first brush through my eyebrow, brushing down. This gives my brow a definite shape and helps guide me when I fill them in. I have a fairly good shape to my brows, they were just over plucked and therefore do not start where they should (in line with my tear duct). 

2 // Benefit gimme Brow (Medium/Deep): I fill in the majority of my brow with this fiber gel. I only use a small amount as a little goes a very long way. I love this gel; it doesn't feel sticky, clumpy, and it doesn't leave my brows feeling "crunchy," it goes on very smooth. Once I run this through my brows the next and last step is to define my brow shape!

3 // Anastasia Brow Powder (Medium Brown): I have had this powder for about six months and I love it! First, I cannot believe it has lasted this long and second, it is amazing. The trick to filling in your brows and shaping them is to follow the natural shape and arch of your brow but also make sure the lightest part is in line with your tear duct and gradually gets darker. This is a duo powder and I use the light brown for the 'inside' of my brow and the medium brown to line the outside of my brow. 

Below you will see a "before and after" photo. I have let my brows grow in for some time now (which is not a fun process), so a lot that was tweezed or waxed has grown back, but grown back very lightly. Thus why I need to fill them in! I swear by the three products above, they are definite brow changers:).

What is your process on taking care of your brows? Do you fill them in?

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