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On The Weekends We Shop: Cookbooks!

9:10:00 AM

I don't bake. I can sorta cook. We need help! I am good at following recipes but somehow they never turn out. I make exceptional homemade lasagna, shredded chicken enchiladas, stir-fry, spaghetti and homemade meatballs, and tacos. That is just about it. We find ourselves stuck in a rut more often than not and it has become easier to pick something up on the way home rather than cook. I have been looking for a good cookbook that has healthy recipes for sometime now but most of them have these elaborate dishes...and Adam is a picky eater...another problem! I have been walking through cooking aisles at the bookstore gazing over the endless possibilities there are to create delicious meals.
I'm thinking I need to cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook and go from there. What are your thoughts?

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