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Spring Brights

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I may have jumped the gun with this ensemble but I couldn't resist the beautiful weather we had over the weekend. I threw on my best spring-look and went on my way. There is something about pastels, chunky flower necklaces, and bright pink shoes that make my heart swoon. After seeing photo after photo of everyone's tropical vacation, my wardrobe needed a serious pick me up to get me out of the winter funk! This skirt was a steal for only $20, and did I mention it was originally $328! If you shop at your local Nordstrom Rack (or online) check out their clearance racks...they have pieces from last spring that you are basically making money off of. I also picked up this Natasha necklace from the Rack...I am crushing over this J.Crew one but my wallet isn't thrilled with that so this will do for now. 
I love a good statement necklace, it's the perfect accessory to finish off any look. This one in particular I found for $20...a good look alike/knock-off for this J.Crew one!

As of late, I have been needing more pep in my step. It's outfits such as this that do just that. I know that may be hard to believe, but I am easily motivated and inspired by things around me or clothing I wear. It seems as though all that I am hearing lately is bad news coming from every direction...hopefully this extra dose of color will be just what the doctor ordered!

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