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Step Into Spring With New Workout Gear

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Summit is a very well-rounded dog. He has a specific routine everyday and he is not spoiled at all. #lies But really, one thing we have realized with having a dog is that he does much better when he has a consistent routine. Every morning he gets a long walk and play time in the yard, and every evening he gets a walk/jog. Not only is it good for him but it gives us exercise too. Well, with all of these consistent walks and jogs I realized my workout gear was looking slim. I was excited when I  received these Lululemon pants as a gift and I have to say, I don't know if I will ever be able to go back anything else. They are literally the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. 
I found this Sam Edelman hooded rain anorak at a wonderful price at Nordstrom Rack. It's perfect for the dewey mornings and with spring comes rain, and I needed a cute rain jacket to workout in :). 
My dog is notorious for freaking out whenever we go for a walk. This was a rare occasion that we actually got him to sit down for a photo, and just when he does, he smiles. He is trained horribly so well. In all honesty, he is a wonderful dog, he chases birds and rabbits, sniffs absolutely everything, sits but the window and watches out for hours, doesn't bark, and he gives so many kisses. I never thought I would become that crazy dog lady...but I think I have. 
Sam Edelman Hooded Rain Anorak // Lululemon tights (not these) // Nike Sneakers // neon workout top, similar (very comfortable!)

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