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Spring Makeup Routine For Oily Skin

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It's no secret that my skin is very oily. During the warmer months...it's almost as if the oil intensifies (#gross). I take a lot of measures to make sure I keep up with my skincare routine to keep my face healthy. There are a couple of products that I have used for years, but I love trying new ones to see what works and what doesn't.
Shown above are my main products that I use daily. These are my "can't leave the house without" products. It takes maybe five minutes or less and my makeup generally lasts all day long.
I generally use the BareMinerals liquid serum, but the spring and summer months are too humid and hot for my makeup to last all day long. My skin doesn't feel as worn out or oily when I use a powder during the warmer months. I love this foundation because I can get anywhere from medium to full coverage and it matches my skin tone perfectly.
This concealer is a must-have! I have the worst dark circles, not only are they extremely prominent, but I have yet to find something that conceals them...until this product! I also love that it is lightweight and applies smoothly for an even finish. It blends extremely well with my foundation too. Definitely worth trying if you suffer from dark under eye circles. 
My new mascara routine is very easy and I love the results I have seen with my lashes. I first use L'Oreal Double Extend mascara (only the white side) to lengthen my lashes. Next, I apply bareMinerals Lash Domination until I get a nice even and dark coat. Sometimes, when my skin gets oily, my mascara can rub off or run...but not with these two! 
I have tried eyebrow products before that are very sticky, too dark, or rub off. I have found a winning combination that lasts all day and looks natural. I first fill in the majority of my brows with Benefit's gimme brow, I then shape with Anastasia's brow powder. I have done a step by step tutorial here.
This is the one product that makes or breaks my makeup routine. Without it, my face is oily within hours. With it, I last the day, with a small re-application here or there. It gives me a matte finish with some highlight just where I need it. Also, it is meant to help unclog or not clog pores. Definitely the product that does it's job and actually works!
Do you have oily skin? Share your makeup routine or makeup favorites below!

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