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Always Fresh and Ready For Travel

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Whether I'm going on a long vacation, a weekend getaway, or an overnight stay, there are certain things that I don't forget to pack. Traveling is adventurous in my opinion, but no doubt can be stressful. Especially when you are underprepared. I am always stocking up on my favorite travel sized goodies, adorable weekender bags, and other necessities to get me through that spur-of-the-moment trip. In my opinion, traveling fresh, clean, and comfy is the best way to travel. I envy the gals that waltz down the aisle of the airplane looking flawless and fresh, or those who hop out of a 12 hour car ride looking chic as ever.
There are a couple rules of thumb that I live by while traveling. The first is to plan my outfits and pack accordingly. I planned each outfit and laid out accessories before I left. I made a list of must-haves including a scarf for the plane, comfy sweatshirt for the way home, a great blouse for work, and fun earrings for going out.
My next rule of thumb is to pack items that help you stay fresh and clean. I don't know about you, but trains, planes, and automobiles become very stuffy after you’ve been riding in them for a while. I feel gross, smelly, and uncomfortable. I love to pack a travel-sized bottle of Febreze to spray in my bag or in the car. I always carry hand-sanitizer and wet-wipes to clean my hands and the area around me.
Whenever we make a pit stop, I make sure to grab Always Sheer Dailies to stay fresh and shower clean. No lack of 'down-there' freshness can stop me from being adventurous and traveling comfortably. Not to mention, they fit easily into my travel bag and purse. A Tide To Go pen comes in handy for keeping clothes clean.
As I am planning more trips for this summer, I am already making lists of items I want to bring to keep me chic and fresh. So tell me, on your next trip, how are you going to stay always fresh and ready for travel? Share below!

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