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Spring Casual

1:30:00 AM

Don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed up. Heels are my go-to and skirts are my favorite. There are days however, when a great pair of denim and comfy tee makes me feel just as good. This outfit proves to be just that. I have searched high and low for denim that his my curves in all the right places but still allows me to breath, thankfully I found this great pair at Tobi that does both. The best part is they can easily be dressed up or down depending on my top and pair of shoes. 
Every gal needs certain spring staple pieces in her wardrobe that are interchangeable: destroyed denim, a loose tee (that you can easily layer), little black dress, a blouse for every occasion, cute sandals, and a maxi dress!

I generally gravitate towards a darker wash of denim but I love this lighter pair. This is easily my go-to look on the weekends. I tend to catch up front he week by running errands and picking up the house. I like to stay comfortable so a loose tee and converse are a must! I have found so many cute pieces on Tobi, like these dresses (they're great if you are attending weddings this season). Also, first-time customers get 50% off their purchase. You can't beat that! 

In other news, I was traveling over the weekend and when I got home, my husky pup, Summit, went crazy! He sprints up and down the hall with his tail wagging viciously. It is so cute to see how excited he gets when we get home. We have gotten into a good routine of our nightly runs/walks. The routine? He pulls me when we run and I am dragging him when we walk because he is dead dog tired. We look like a hot mess walking around the neighborhood but I guess it could be entertaining for some:).

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