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The Perfect Carry-On Bag

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If there is one thing I have learned while traveling, it's that you can never be too organized or prepared. Too often, I shove everything in a tote or weekender bag that has no shape and no pockets, with items floating around aimlessly. For a couple of years I have been searching for the perfect carry-on bag/personal item that can hold my computer, wallet, and other necessities. I got a great deal on a Lo & Son O.M.G bag that I've had my eye on for awhile and I can't tell you how perfect it is. For all of you overly organized, pocket loving, people out there...this bag is amazing.
As I mentioned before, I was looking for a bag that could nicely hold my computer, items that would go in my purse, and more. See everything I stored (and other things I would've brought) below!

I easily fit everything shown above...and this is only what I could think of to bring, I'm sure when I travel this week there will be more to stuff in this bag. A few feature items that I love: the key ring that you can attach your keys to and stow away zipped in a pocket, the sturdy slot for your laptop, the easy access pocket for your phone/passport/etc., and the side the slips onto your suitcase! 
Traveling with my keys makes me very nervous, they are always rolling around at the bottom of my purse. With the little key ring I can attach my keys, zip them in a pocket, and not have to worry. I love having a pocket that I can unzip quickly to get my phone, passport, or headphones. I don't have to dig through my entire bag to get one's easily accessible. 

I will post more travel ready tips soon. For now, what do you use as a carry-on? Does it keep your things organized? Share below!

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