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An Updated Bucket List

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What happens when life happens? You update your bucket list of course. Here's my thought: life is too short. In the blink of an eye, the day is done and who wants to spend their time dreaming of an item on their bucket list when they could just go out and do it? I'm taking life by the horns and planning this list for real - and following through! One thing I know for sure is that once items are crossed off, new items are added. I want to experience everything, in anyway that I can. Sure, money, work, and family might be a factor but those things should limit you in regards to following through with your goals and dreams - they certainly are not limiting me.

With that, here's my revised list (take a look at this one I posted last year.):

1 // Take a ride in a hot air balloon 
2 // Visit Greece, specifically Santorini and Mykonos3 // Go rock climbing/bouldering in Colorado
4 // Hike and kayak in Alaska where I went previously
5 // Spend a couple of weeks touring Europe: France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, etc. 
6 // Wine tasting in Napa Valley 
7 // Visit New York City in December
8 // Visit San Francisco 
9 // Attend New York Fashion Week
10 //  Take pictures in a flower field, like this field near San Diego
11 // Indoor Skydiving
12 // Take a vacation to a tropical destination
13 // Attend the Nutcracker during Christmas14 // Go on a mission trip15 // Visit five museums
16 // Go real skydiving
17 // Read 100 books consecutively (any ideas where I should start?)
18 // Purchase a Leica camera and take thousands of photos
19 // Take a photography class 
20 // Go on a safari in Africa 
21 // Volunteer at the hospital in Des Moines 
22 // Pay off all my debt from student loans in under five years 
23 // Take a cooking class 
24 // Go to a hip-hop/R&B concert - like Drake, Beyonce, or Rihanna
25 // Visit Nantucket and go sailing
26 // Start going to pure bar and yoga classes again
27 // Throw a holiday party for every holiday that's left in 2016 until this time next year
28 // Blog for five days or more a week for one year
29 // Learn how to make at least seven different kinds of soup
30 // White water rafting
31 // Visit the nation's largest zoo
32 // Go on a cruise
33 // Deep-sea fishing
34 // Attend Loi Krathong - the lantern festival in Thailand
35 // Buy myself a new vehicle
36 // Visit the beaches in California once more
37 // Visit every member of my family in one year
38 // Sing karaoke 
39 // Go on a road trip
40 // Visit the Carolinas 

That's all I have for now, I know there is so much more to add but I think this is a good start as I only have one thing crossed off thus far. Share below some items on your bucket list!

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