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When You Don't Know What To Do, Do Nothing

10:47:00 PM

My mother is the queen of sayings, phrases, and advice. She always seems to pull philosophical quotes out of nowhere - that are extremely applicable. As of late, I've been stuck - in a big rut. My heart strings and head neurons are pulling me every which way, I feel uneasy, off-balance, and down right confused. Trying to make a decision has never been my strong suit. I tend to analyze everything and think very critically OR I tend to go with my heart 100% and most of the time that isn't the best choice (some people call me emotional...say what?!).
I think to myself, why do we make the decisions we do? What prompts us to live a certain way, stick with a particular career, or love and care for a person? I look back at all the decisions I have made and while you should never regret anything in life - I have one to many regrets. Why didn't I go to the original college of my choosing? Why didn't I follow my passion for designing that I had in my teen years? Why didn't I save more money, work harder, and travel more? Why, why, why?

Although I have no answers for these questions my mother has recently taught me, that when I am stuck and unsure of what to do - that I should do nothing.

Nothing at all.

Don't make decisions, choices, or particular moves with the game of life. Go with flow and live. If that means saying something I didn't plan to say or doing something I didn't plan to do - then so be it. We as humans spend to much time in our lives over-analyzing and undercutting the decisions we make. Instead, we should let life play out and let ourselves live. The stars will align and things will be right - and if they aren't, I suggest reading your horoscope for a little direction or saying a little prayer.

Right now, I'm trying to do "nothing." Hopefully, doing nothing will get me something. Maybe some answers...maybe more questions...or maybe nothing at all. But if all I can do is nothing - then at least that's something.

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