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Fall To-Do List

10:28:00 PM

Fall is here. You know what that means? I can officially start the countdown until Christmas and not look like a total crazy person. I realized though that there is a lot to do in preparation for the upcoming holidays. I don't think I fully took advantage of all this season had to offer last year - and I'm not letting that happen this year. Learning new recipes, DIY projects, pumpkin patching, oh how I would love to do it all. I feel as though I'm already getting a late start so it's full speed ahead until the New Year.

I've prepared a fall bucket list, and please, if you have an additional recommendations leave a comment below! I decided to track my progress via blog posts so you won't miss a thing - I know you're all dying to see what I'm up to all the time (just kidding). But really, hold me accountable and maybe all these fall festivities will lift your spirits too!

1 // Bake some pie - whatever flavor, whatever size - just bake one!
2 // Go to the pumpkin patch and buy some pumpkins!
3 // Apple picking at an orchard 
4 // DIY Halloween costume (something creative!)
5 // Try a new crockpot recipe 
6 // Cook some soup that actually tastes good and isn't full of sodium
7 // Try 5 new coffee drinks at Starbucks
8 // Read 3 new books and share the reviews
9 // Start Christmas shopping early and make a list of things to buy
10 // Make a meal with squash - I love squash!
11 // Find 5 fall movies to fall in love with and watch throughout the season
12 // Go for a scenic hike
13 // Try some new workout routines that incorporate the fall weather!
14 // Find 10 great fall outfits for under $500
15 // Go to a football game
16 // Plan a girls' night filled with fall festivities (or just wine)
17 // Add fall decor around the apartment
18 // Get a fall haircut - maybe a bob or lob or rose-colored - the world is my oyster
19 // Drink hot apple cider and sit around a bonfire
20 // Plan a Thanksgiving meal!

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