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Holiday Gift Guide For Him

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I don't know about you, but in my opinion, men are incredibly hard to shop for. I feel like most men aren't keen on gifts and if they are, they are very particular. Some prefer sentimental gifts, with others, they prefer the latest tech option or accessories. Others, don't like gifts and prefer adventures or activities. There is not a good "one size fits all gift" for men. I have rounded up some options that I think a lot of men would like plus some other options below. And please, if you have suggestions, comment below! These gifts are always the ones I put off until the last minute.

2 // Cologne 
3 // Roshe Runs 
10 // Card Game
11 // Whiskey Ice Balls  

Some other good gift options would be NFL (or any other sport) tickets, a short vacation somewhere, an activity planned such as skydiving or scuba diving, a day driving a luxury vehicle, hunting/fishing items for the outdoorsmen, or other obvious gifts like clothing. 

Luckily, my dad was fairly easy to shop for this year as was my brother. He is at the age where he likes $25 Nike socks and basketballs (thank goodness) - and my dad prefers gifts he can use. There are hundreds of options, let me know what I missed below!

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