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Looking Back On 2016

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I'll be the first to admit that I constantly live in the future. I'm always planning or daydreaming about what I'm doing next or where I will be. It's rare, that I take time to reflect on the days and months that have passed. I get so excited about what the future holds that I don't stop to look back on all that was, what I learned or how far I've come. Reflection is a positive thing; it's what makes us change, grow, learn about ourselves and shape us into the people we are. So why don't I do it more?

It's that time of year where we all start making resolutions. We vow to kick old habits, set new goals for ourselves, write out wish-lists' and bucket-lists' filled with things we don't need or long for. If we are always living in the future, how will we be able to learn from the mistakes we made in the past?Or realize that the past year has been essential in shaping us as the person we are today?

I think about all the negative this year, there are things I don't wish to remember, but then I reflect back on all that has come from the negative. The amazing people that have entered my life, the career that has challenged me intellectually and the relationships that have shaped me emotionally. Through the muck and dirt, there are so many positives that make me who I am today, and to think, I wanted to forget it all.

It's important to reflect on the memories and moments you had, so you can better plan, set goals and resolutions for the moments and memories to be had. As people, we are constantly evolving. It's not fair to say that you have been stuck in one place - because really, you have changed and grown more than you know. Only looking back on the year will help you realize how far you have come, and more importantly, how much further you have left to go.

For the new year, I'm not making resolutions. I'm not vowing to kick an old habit or add more items to my bucket list. I'm going to live my daily life and enjoy the present. I rarely live in the moment, and I'm disappointed because I feel like I've missed so much. Sure, I will always have dreams and goals I strive for, that's in my nature. I want to have a stronger presence living for each day then worrying about what I will do next. No more moments missed, no more pasts' regretted - only memories had and always remembered. 

With that said: take that trip, buy those shoes, kiss that person, hug a friend, read that book, go on adventures, love with all your heart, and live for the now. For in a blink of an eye it will be December 2017 and we will be talking about this all over again:). 

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