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My Christmas Story

11:27:00 AM

While I love posting about my latest outfits, beauty routines, and other "cute" things, one of the reasons I started this blog was because I loved to write and share stories of my life. Thus, I want to share my Christmas Story.

This Christmas, my siblings and I ventured south to Cape Girardeau, Missouri to spend Christmas with my mom. In the weeks leading up to Christmas we planned meals, outfits, gifts for one another, and activities we will participate in. My mom also suggested we try something new this year and sponsor a family. We always try to give back any we can through the holidays but this year it felt extra special.

We were assigned a family to which we would sponsor and from there we could contact them to get more details. Pat, the grandfather, wrote us a hand-written letter with details about the family, the kids, and what they wanted/needed for Christmas. My mom had talked to him on the phone to coordinate a time to meet, and confirm everything on the list.

After her conversation, we learned more about this sweet family that made us realize just how lucky we were. We found out that over Thanksgiving, Pat was given a 5% chance to live. He has cancer and developed an infection that went through his skin and 'attacked' his muscles. We also learned that this family didn't have much. Alexa, 10 years old, needed jeans a new coat and wanted an Elf on the Shelf. Lyalf, 8 years old, wanted Pokemon cards, waterproof boots and a compound bow. Lastly, Trevor, 4 years old, wanted Lincoln Logs, waterproof boots, and a DVD player to watch movies. We put together all the gifts and wrapped them in Santa Claus paper. I was nervous if they would like all of their gifts and what they would think about us.

My family and I arrived at their home on the evening of Christmas Eve. The kids showed us their room as "Santa" came and delivered the gifts under the tree. When they started opening their presents their little faces lit up and they were grinning ear to ear. These children were so kind and thankful - when Trevor put on his new boots he ran through the house the rest of the evening...and to think it was just new boots.

We learned more about the children, their biological father had abused them when they were very young, thus why they live with their grandparents...and one whom they almost lost. This was a family that had struggled much more than we have. Sure, we've had divorce, broken relationships and fights, but never have we gone through what they have endured. When we were heading out the door, Trevor (the youngest) ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug. He looked up and smiled and I knew that this was the best thing we possibly could have done this Christmas.

Here I was, wanting nothing more than this holiday to come and go. I'm overwhelmed with my work, broken-hearted over a broken relationship, and depressed with so many things in life. This Christmas Eve really was for us. To remind us how blessed we are and how grateful we should be.  That so many people have a lot less than we do, and that something as simple as new boots can put a smile on a child's face.

I will never forget this family. They touched my heart more than I imagined was possible. It's one of the best stories that I will ever tell - how we were helping out a family, but really, they did so much more for us.

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas - hold your loved ones, cherish your family, give thanks over all that you have, and more importantly: don't forget about those that have a lot less than yourself and keep them in your hearts. For Alexa, Lyalf, and Trevor will forever be in mine.

Merry Christmas!

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