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The New Do - Short Hair + Favorite Hair Products

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I've never been one to change up my hair drastically. It's always been the same color and it generally was always medium in length. Well, after I tried the long angled bob a few months ago, I switched things up again and did a shorter bob with some blonde (I'll debut more pictures later!). One thing I will tell you is that this style has virtually no maintenance. It takes me 15 minutes to get my hair to look like it does below. #winning Messy waves and curls still look super chic with this cut, it's just a lot quicker to do! My hairstylist (who is ah-maz-ing and works at Aveda) added some longer bangs to frame my face - a great way to conceal a larger forehead!

I try to take good care of my hair; using products that strength and pull out the shine. I try to use minimal heat and as I mentioned this is the first time I have really colored my hair! Most of the products I use you can get from the drugstore and I love them - I have also recently started using more Aveda products and those wonders for my hair as well. If you are looking to strength your hair, use this serum. For those that have thin or fine hair, this thickening tonic and dry shampoo are my favorites. Note, I don't just use dry shampoo for days when I don't wash my hair! It reduces the oil production I generally get throughout the day and gives my hair extra volume and shine - a must have!

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