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Wearing Brights During Winter

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It's no secret that I love color. I think the only color I shy away from is orange - but who likes that color anyways? It seems that a lot of people get "stuck" during the winter months with their wardrobe. They are afraid to branch out and add color. While an all black or neutral ensemble is great any day, a little color helps brighten up all the white and grey we see during the winter months. Whether you start with a hat, pair of socks, sweater, or coat - there are plenty of options! Even adding an accessory such as a necklace or pair of high heels or loafers is a great way to start. Below are some previous looks I have posted, there are many more to come as I think I'll make this winter the most colorful, but I have also rounded up some very colorful clothing options below!

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Shop the widget below for winter brights!

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