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Ballet Inspired Style

10:05:00 AM

Being a dancer for all of my childhood and teenage years, I grew up wearing tutus, ballet slippers, tights, and leotards. I would have dance classed every week starting in August in preparation for our recitals in June of the next year. I always tried new dance classes but one that was always on my list was ballet. While I am by no means a great dancer, I loved the graceful movements and the beautiful music. It's probably why to this day I sing and dance around the house constantly - not much has changed as it drove my parents nuts when I was a child.
More and more I am seeing styles emerge inspired by ballet. Whether it's a tulle skirt, lace up ballet flats, or a wrap top - I can't help but love the looks and remember all about my years growing up. A lot of pieces are rather expensive but I combed through the web and found pieces that are affordable and ultra feminine.

There are plenty of tulle or satin skirt options. Whether you're going to a tea party with the girls, a fun dinner date with your significant other, or just in the mood to add something fun - this tulle skirt is perfect (and only $35!).

I have been thinking of different shoe options that I want to bring to Europe and have for the spring and summer - while my main concern is comfort there are some relatively high quality (affordable priced) ballet flats that have caught my eye. Particularly, this Free People ballet slipper (only $68) - very reminiscent of my early ballerina days!

What are your thoughts on the ballet inspired style? Do you love it, or hate it? Comment below!

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