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Husky Puppy Update

8:45:00 AM

I apologize if the puppy craze is getting to be too much, but I just cannot get enough of her! Keetna (nickname: goggles) is probably the sweetest, most fearless, adorable pup you will ever meet. At almost four months she weighs in around 14 pounds, will jump onto and off of everything, and will greet you with kisses. As I've had puppies before I know what a challenge they can be and although there are things about Keetna that make life very difficult (i.e., potty training) she really is the more independent and carefree pup.

 Fun Facts:
1 // She loves other people and dogs. I was worried at first when she started barking (not a usual husky thing) at other dogs and people, but one evening, three big dogs and their owners approached and she licked each of them!

2 // She is extremely vocal. Huskies are known to be vocal so most people don't think much of it - but my previous husky rarely made a sound. Keetna on the other hand will talk to you for ever! She was with me in the car the other day for about 20 minutes and talked to me the entire time, it was adorable.

3 // She loves food and water. This is the dog that will lay in front of her water bowl and drink all the water until it's gone. Don't worry, I checked to see if she was sick and since she has done that since day one, the vet said some puppies just love water. Even more than water, she goes crazy for food. In the morning when I'm putting her food in her bowl, she is twisting and jumping and twirling in the air - talking the whole time!

4 // She loves nylabones. These are probably her favorite toy - she is obviously still a puppy and will soon lose her puppy teeth but in the interim she loves to chew on bones. She is perfectly content, laying down (wherever I am) chewing on her bones.

5 // The circles around her eyes have gotten much darker - it's known that huskies coats' change significantly throughout their first year. Below you will see a photo of when she was 10 or 11 weeks - the grey and black on her coat is becoming much more defined, but she still hasn't lost the brown or white. I'm curious to see how she will look in about six months!
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