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Living Efficiently In A Small Space {Less Than 400 sq. ft!}

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I have recently moved...again...into one of my favorite apartments yet. For the last six months, I had been living in a very small (ok, extremely small) studio apartment downtown. It was certainly a test of my patience and organizational skills but I learned how to live more efficiently and organized.

My new place is over 2x the size of my previous so it will be a work in progress trying to decorate and make it feel like home (I'll touch on decorating ideas in a later post). For now, I want to unveil some tips and tricks on how I stayed organized - and didn't loose my sanity!

This is a floor plan of my previous place - a whopping 327 sq. ft. I only had a couch, bed, tv stand, and small writing desk for furniture. The one thing I enjoyed about the place was that I could see everything. Living on your own can (at sometimes) be scary so I liked that it was all one room. The one thing I absolutely hated was the kitchen. You will see where it says DW - that was the dishwasher and above the dishwasher was the only counter space, making it virtually impossible to cook anything. 
1 // Maximize the space you have. I had storage bins under the bed where I kept summer clothes, christmas decor, and a fold-up laundry basket. My closet was also filled with bins and baskets to ensure everything had a place and was easily stackable. 
2 // Purge! I got rid of so much stuff that I honestly didn't need. Now that I have moved into a larger space I don't have much, but it feels simple and 'minimalist.' I'm not overwhelmed by piles of unused knick-knacks, books, and clothes. 
3 // If you buy something, get rid of something. 
4 // Think up, not down. Hanging things on the wall or buying tall shelves can help keep things off the floor and less cluttered. 

1 // Add lots of light and color for a brighter, more wider feel
2 // Rugs help separate "spaces"
3 // Make sure to decorate! Although it's small, it's still home. 

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