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Wednesday Wisdom: Tips To Keep Yourself Motivated

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There's no doubt that burnout is a real thing. Whether it's career, family, health or life burnout we have all experienced it at one time or another. The trick is, how can you still stay motivated when you feel like your life is crumbling beneath you? Some people give up, others don't care and stop trying, the rest (a small percentage) have enough motivation and tenacity to keep going. I would definitely classify myself as the latter - although I can easily get down on myself, I never stop trying. Life is too short not to keep trying. If you think of all the opportunity and potential there is in the world (and all the people that have achieved it) that means there is room for you to receive that as well.

Lately, I have experienced MAJOR burnout. The kind that puts me to sleep at 8 at night and makes me take 3-4 hour naps on the weekends. The kind that makes me forget everything, slur my words, feel exponentially overwhelmed. I was trying to think of ways I stay motivated and how I keep myself motivated. Although some may seem silly, I truly think they work. (Hint: one tip is staying positive and believing in yourself).

1 // Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. This is by far the hardest thing to do. I'm generally a positive person but I can very easily become negative. I over analyze everything and think of the worst possible outcomes, it's something that I am continually working on. If I remind myself that things will get better, imagine all the possibilities, dream bigger, be happy - those thoughts change my way of thinking and improve my mood.

2 // Wear Brighter Colors & Dress To Impress. Similar to 'changing your thoughts' - if you dress to impress and wear bright colors you will feel more confident and ready to take on the day. I can tell when I put some effort into my wardrobe that I have more motivation to take on my daily tasks rather than feel tired and un-motivated. If you missed last Wednesday's post - there are great tips on building your confidence!

3 // Don't Settle For No. This may come from my sales background, but I have always been taught to go for the no's - don't settle. If you are hitting roadblocks in life, that shouldn't be a reason for you to give up. Roadblocks are great to learn more about what you can handle and maybe help guide you down the right path. If you're interviewing, having issues at work, relationship issues, etc., a no (or roadblock) is merely a reason to become more motivated. Figure out what the issues are, where you are missing the mark, and take the problem on.

4 // Read Motivating And Uplifting Books. I've written a few posts about some of my favorite books (see here and here) - most of them are great books about business aspirations, motivational stories, etc. It helps to read things and use those tips in your personal life. Not only that, books are a great way to keep your imagination active and thriving.

5 // Stay Active And Keep Trying. Some of the best ways to stay motivated are to keep moving and trying. Be active, workout, set goals for yourself, then set new goals - if you have the mindset that you will accomplish your goals or you will have your dream profession, etc., then there shouldn't be anything in the way that will stop you.

As Dory says, "Just Keep Swimming." 

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