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New Spring Favorites: Drugstore Beauty Products

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I'm a sucker when it comes to trying new products. I've posted before about products I'm currently loving and since I added a few more I figured it was time to share again. All of these products can be found at Target or Ulta and are very budget friendly. I have been on the hunt lately for the best body wash and moisturizer - my skin has been incredibly dry and these are the only products that have helped!

1 // Olay Daily Clean Facial Cloths
I first tried these when I went to Cinncinati a month or two ago and I instantly knew I would love them! First, it's a very simple process - you get the cloth wet and lather between your hands then proceed to wash your face. It removes all makeup and dirt and is very gentle on skin. Not only that, it exfoliates your skin because of the texture of the cloth. I love using these when I'm not in the mood for my complete bedtime routine - this helps cuts the time I spend getting ready, in half!

2 // Olay Fresh Outlast Bodywash (The best!!)
I have tried upwards of 50 different body washes throughout my life...and nothing has stuck. Either the body wash dries out my skin or I don't see any improvement. Olay's body wash is another story - the first time I used it in the shower I visibly noticed my skin had so much more moisture. I switch between different scents and then the exfoliating version too. Oh, and they have the yummiest scents!

3 // Olay Active Hydrating Hydration Cream
Like I mentioned before, my skin has been very dry. My face tends to be very oily so I try to stay away from heavy moisturizers, however, this is great to use in the evening. I only a small amount and I work into my face. I wake up the next morning with fresh, dewey skin! If you have oily skin, use in small amounts of moderation!

4 // John Frieda Secret Weapon Touch-Up Creme
With summer nearing in Iowa, the humidity is going to significantly rise and that means hair problems. I'm combating any hair issues early with the John Frieda Touch-Up Creme. You only need to use a small amount and gently work it in your hair where you have issues with fly-aways and frizz. Note: Men can also use this!

5 // Hempz Triple Moisture Body Lotion
Hands down one of the best moisturizers! It keeps my skin soft and adds extra moisture all day long. I highly recommend if you have dry skin! My hands have developed (what almost looks like eczema) extremely dry patches and so I have been applying lotion consistently throughout the day. 

Share your favorite drugstore products below!

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