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Shades of White For Spring

12:00:00 AM

I finally got my computer back! You never realize just how dependent you are on something until you no longer have it...word of the wise, always back up your computer! Thankfully, a couple of days before mine crashed I backed everything up!
Anyways, over the weekend Des Moines blossomed. This is definitely my favorite time of year in this city. There are cherry blossom trees on every block - the grass is ripe green - and tulips are blooming everywhere. One of my favorite parks (only in the springtime) is all cherry blossom trees and oh how beautiful it is! I'm definitely the type of gal who loves being surrounded  by beautiful things in nature. I love landscapes, gardens, and flowers - so you can imagine my excitement when these trees went into full bloom!

Donning all white can be challenging in some retrospect. If you try and match the various shades of whites, you'll most likely fail! Instead of matching, I stick to piecing together monochromatic looks. Ivory, cream, white, nude - all of these look great together - add a pop of color (or keep it completely monochromatic) and you're good to go. Note, these high-waisted skinnies are by far my favorite; they are thick enough so you don't see through them and they have great stretch to them.

You can shop the look below, I have added a few other white pieces that I have my eye on!

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