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Cloffice (Closet + Office) Makeover & Inspiration

12:28:00 PM

I am starting to add on the finishing touches for my "cloffice," better known as my closet office combo. It's always been important to me to create spaces that make me feel cozy and comfortable. I take pride in choosing the right pieces of furniture, paint colors, and accent pillows. I actually LOVE decorating - ever since I was 10 years old I have rearranged and redecorated my room all by myself. It was my way of keeping myself busy as a kid, a stress reliever for me when I was a teen, and now, it's just something that makes me feel whole. I long for the day when I finally have my own home to decorate. It's incredibly exhausting living under someone else's rules/regulations/ and parameters.

Since I will be in my current place for another year I decided it was time to really plant some roots and make this place feel like home. I've been lucky in that my current landlord allows you to paint (hallelujah!) so now that the paint has been picked and rolled, it's time for my favorite decorate. For most of my college life and thereafter I have purchased items just to fill spaces; almost as if to fill voids and make things look finished. I end up selling or donating those items and starting over from scratch. Well, thankfully I have realized that is absolute madness and have started purchasing furniture that I can reuse and refurbish until I have my dream home (and dream budget tbh).

Below is my inspiration board for this cloffice - from paint colors, to decors, to overall look and feel. I can tell that lately my taste is evolving. While my love for all things bright will prevail I have gravitated towards pastels and neutral palettes. Pink is my favorite color (go figure) and specifically, blush pink. most of these pieces are not in my price range so I have a bit of a challenge ahead of me in trying to complete the space. If you see anything that looks familiar, leave a comment on where you saw it!

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