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Eyelash Extensions Review

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I jumped on the eyelash bandwagon last week and received a full set of beautiful lashes. I have always, always longed for long and thick lashes but unfortunately, mine are very short. I thankfully have a lot of lashes so a new set helped increase the length and voluminize my lashes to my liking. I knew this process would have a positive outcome, but I didn't know it was such an easy and painless process!

First, let's start out with how my lashes looked before:
My "before" lashes are straight and short - I generally would use a primer mascara and a few coats of mascara on top of that to achieve a fuller look. 

I was thankful enough to have Natalie, from LoveLash Studio in West Des Moines do my lashes. 
1. She started off by cleansing and priming my current lashes to make sure they are clean. I started to get nervous when this initial process started. I am not big on touching my eyes nor do I like other people near my eyes. She did such a great job though!
2. Then, she measured the length I wanted my lashes to be and applied hydrating gel eyes masks before getting started.
3. The process itself took a long time, however, I received a full set of 8mm lashes - so that typically means each lash has a corresponding extension. If you have a lot of lashes, then it will typically take longer!
4. After all the lashes were applied (by a method of bondage), she removed my eye masks and that was it! 

Things To Know:
1. The process doesn't hurt at all. I have sensitive eyes and was fine throughout the entire process. If you are getting them done and it hurts - I definitely recommend having them stop!
2. Taking care of your lashes is important to help the longevity. (I talk about all the products I use below). 
3. To maintain, fills are necessary. This means going back in after 3 weeks or so to fill in the lashes. Naturally, our hair grows and our lashes especially, will grow and fall out and the process repeats itself. 
Products I Use:
I bought the Extreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli Aftercare Essentials Kit
1. Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser // Every morning and night I use this cleanser to keep my lashes clean and remove any makeup. It works well if you spray it on a facial applicator sponge and wipe in a downward motion on the lashes.
2. Extreme Protective Coating // This coats and seals the area between the natural eyelash and extension.
3. Length & Volume Mascara // I don't need to wear mascara but it still helps add more volume and length to my lashes, which I am all for. Jo Mousselli's mascara is like Dior's Showstopper - I love it!
4. Bristle Brush & Small Makeup Brush // Whenever my lashes are wet or I am cleansing them, I use a bristle brush to comb through them. The smaller makeup brush helps brush off any debris or dirt. Both help clean the lashes and keep them "in place."
Shop the widget below for all of the products I use:

If you are in the Des Moines metro area or visiting, request an appointment with Natalie over at LoveLash Studio - you won't be disappointed and neither will your lashes :). 

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