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How To Keep Flowers Fresh Longer 💐

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It's no secret that I love flowers, just take a look at my Instagram, it's filled with bouquets of beautiful buds. For me, having fresh flowers whenever I walk through the door at home makes me incredibly happy. It's the simple things in life, right? Every two weeks, I pick up a new bouquet at the local grocery store, Costco, or Target. (Note: Target has been having a sale on bouquets - two dozen roses for only $9.99!) 
Here are some easy tips I use to keep my flowers flourishing for a couple of weeks:
1. Cut The Stems Diagonally -  Once I get home I always trim the stems. I cut them stems diagonally rather than straight, I once read this helps the stems drink up more water and helps prolong their life.
2. Make Sure The Vase Is Clean - A clean vase correlates to clean water, it's important flowers have both!
3. Use Flower Food Or Make Your Own - Once home, I pour the flower food I get with my flowers and add water. If you don't have flower food you can use a tablespoon of sugar and squeeze of lemon.  Flower food is what helps the flowers absorb the most water. 
4. Fill The Vase With Lukewarm Water - Warm water helps the stems take up the maximum amount of water. Use warm instead of cold!
5. Peel Back The Petals That Are Wilted - Scientifically, I'm not sure if this helps but I always gently peel away wilted or brown petals. 
6. Change The Water Every 3-4 Days - This is key to longevity, fresh water and some extra flower food if you have will keep your blooms lasting a lot longer!
If you have any other flower tips and tricks, share them below!

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