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The Fear Of Failure

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The fear of failing is something that significantly terrifies me. My personality type is that of someone who aspires to be successful in everything I do. Whether it's relationships, school, work, or life itself, not a day goes by that I don't fret about failing. The caveat to this? I'm also the most incredible dreamer. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of having a job that I loved, a perfect family, a beautiful home, and enough money to travel the world. While I know that life does not hand you these things, I still believe that no matter what, I can achieve and have all of those things. I have wholeheartedly learned to let my failures become fuel to make my dreams come true (cheesy, but totally true). 
Thus far, my life has been anything but expected, as I'm sure that's the same for most of you. The key to moving past the unexpected is not losing sight of your ultimate goal. For me, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) goals for myself is my career. Being the independent and career motivated Capricorn that I am, what I do on a day to day basis significantly impacts my mood, emotions, and well-being. I'm ultra passionate when it comes to my job - that's the perfect environment for failure to happen. 
I have failed. I have overcome, then failed again. I have quit my job, started a new one, lost motivation, become overworked, and lost in translation. I fail every single day. I make mistakes at my job, I make mistakes at home, I've failed a test in school, I've failed to even try. In my eyes, this just adds fuel to the fire; that fire that keeps me striving to reach my goal and boost my confidence. If you look at the big picture, what are we really living for if we aren't striving for something, if we aren't confident in our abilities and strengths? There is no doubt I struggle all the time, but what keeps me moving past my failures is the confidence I have in knowing that the outcomes will be much greater. 
Always inspires girls all over the world to keep going, acknowledge our inner battles and empower through them. Pretty amazing right? The prime time for you girls and women to start experiencing the fear of failure starts during puberty. That is such a young age for girls to lack confidence and feel defeated because they hit a roadblock in life. What Always is challenging you to do is inspire and empower young women, teens, and adults all over the world to show them that "failure is something to be feared, but something to be embraced as a critical part of growing and building confidence." 
Watch the video below and become inspired to move past all of your failures and continue to fail some more. Why?
"Because failures are not setbacks. Failures are fuel - to keep going, to keep growing, to keep making progress. For ourselves, and for for all of us. So let's keep failing. Because we only truly fail, when we don't event try." 

Share the video to inspire and motivate - and share your failures below and how YOU have overcome them!

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