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4 Essential Lipsticks For Fall

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There are four lipsticks that I've had on rotation this fall. They are easy to wear and great basic colors to have in your makeup bag. I've covered all the categories: nude, brown/beige, pink and red. While some of these work all year round, I think these are perfect for the fall season - and transitioning into winter.

1. Nude: My absolute favorite nude is actually a drugstore buy, Maybelline's Super Stay 14 hour lipstick. This color adds a very subtle tint and completes that "barely there" look. I've paired this with almost every outfit, it's that versatile. 
2. Brown/Beige: This MAC "Velvet Teddy" is a the similar to the color terracotta. It has subtle pink and orange undertones that work well with my fair skin tone. A bit darker than the nude, it pairs beautifully with warm and rich colors and textures: velvet, browns, oranges, emerald greens and eggplant colors to name a few!
3. Pink: The Fresh Sugar "Petal" pink lip treatment is my absolute favorite. I repeat, it's hands down the best lipstick/treatment/gloss that I've ever owned. I wear this just about everyday - a subtle pink lip treatment makes such a difference than going au natural. 
4. Red: I don't wear reds often, mostly around the holidays, but I purchased MAC "Russian Red" and fell in love. This is a brighter red than my normal Chanel lip color that I wear. A very bold statement but pairs perfectly with the season - and of course, the holidays!
Comment below and let me know your favorite lip colors for fall - I love finding new favorites!!

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